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  • Mahalo means..."thank you" as a way of living. To live in thankfulness for the richness that makes life so precious!
  • At Mahalo Tea, we want to give our thanks back to our customers by providing a great-tasting, healthy, and natural tea. In the language of Hawaii, Mahalo means thank you, admiration, and respect and that is what we will give back to you.
  • We strive to grow our business with the same thankfulness (mahalo) we use to craft our products, with sustainable growing to create great tasting tea for everyone.


about us

The first question we always get asked is "Why choose Mahalo Tea" and we have 5 simple answers to that question.

1)  Custom Blends from Hawaii - We source the best Pineapple, Mango, Papaya, and Coconut directly from Hawaii and custom blend those fruits with teas from all over the world to give you the best tasting tea possible.

2)  Fast Shipping - We are strategic partners with Amazon and able to leverage their logistics infrastructure to delight our customers.

3)  60 Day Guarantee - We offer a hassle-free 60 Day Return Policy from date of purchase for new and unused condition for a full refund.

4)  Bag Designed To Keep Tea Fresh - We specifically designed our packaging to keep tea fresh for over 12 months using a Food-Grade polymer and a ziplock seal. Our packaging is also 100% recyclable.

5)  Premium Collection - We select the best teas from all over the world.  We import the best teas from India, China, Japan, South America, and Africa. Our collection strives to hit on every taste profile.


Mahalo Tea is a premium loose leaf tea retailer. Our tea comes from handpicked farms and leading tea producers in the world, we even source our fruit from Hawaii which no supermarket brands do today.

Not only do we have amazing custom blends of loose leaf tea, but we also have partnered with AMAZON to give our customers 2 Day Shipping by purchasing in our store.

We have teas that hit on every taste profile from spicy chais, sweet fruity teas, straight oolongs, matcha, chamomile teas, gyokuro, to more dessert flavored teas.

So join us on our journey, and try some of our amazing teas from all over the world.

Loose Leaf Tea - Mango Papaya Herbal Tea

Our teas are:

  • Visually striking.
  • Amazingly aromatic.
  • And best of all, taste great!

     Loose Leaf Tea vs Tea Bag

When it comes to making tea, you can choose what they have at the store or specialty loose leaf.

HOWEVER, the tea you get at the supermarket today is mainly from tea bags which are from the clippings of the tea and then is ground up to put in tea bags. When this happens the tea loses many of the great nutrients that tea has. AND YOU DESERVE BETTER!

Today, we have a choice to try loose leaf tea which is more natural, healthier, and tastes better than tea from a tea bag.

At Mahalo Tea, we have sourced the best tea from around the globe to bring you the best tasting and best quality long leaf tea, straight from the makers of tea themselves.

Which is why Mahalo Tea was created to give YOU our customer and fellow tea lover, the best loose leaf tea.

Loose Leaf Tea vs Teabag

our variety

Mahalo Tea will quickly earn its own place in your kitchen and be your go to drink for any occasion. It is well known that tea is beneficial to your health, and we believe that every person out there can find a tea flavor that they enjoy.

We boast an excellent selection of Black Tea, Green Teas, Oolong Teas, and Rooibos Teas and are specifically renowned for creating custom blends by mixing fruit directly from Hawaii with Tea from all over the world to create amazing blends of tea.

Whats great about Mahalo Tea is that we cover so many varieties of teas from pure teas to herbal blends from refreshing, to sweet to spicy to creamy teas. We know that there is a tea for everyone and that Mahalo Tea will be there for you.

Custom Blends from Hawaii

Mahalo Tea is one of the few tea companies that work directly with farms in Hawaii to give YOU the very best custom blends directly from Hawaii.

So if you enjoy Pineapple, Mango, Guava, Papaya, or Coconut you’ve come to the right place!

fruit from hawaii


our flavor

With the help of the local farms here at Mahalo Tea we’ve been able to craft some amazing blends with our hand rolled and organic Green Teas, our rich Black Teas, and our delicate Oolongs.

We have also explored India to get their amazing spicy Chai blends.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a straight pure tea, a delicate floral tea, a strong black tea, a mint peppermint tea, a smooth chamomile, or a sweet iced fruit tea. Here at Mahalo Tea we have something for everyone.


Our packaging is a Food-Grade polymer bag that is specifically designed to keep tea fresh for over 12 months with a zip-lock seal. It is also 100% recyclable.

On the back of our packaging, we offer instructions on the temperature, quantity of tea, and steeping time for each type of tea to make the best cup of tea possible.

mahalo_tea_packaging_bag     mahalo_tea_back_packaging_bag


We know that getting your delivery quick, easy, and carefully packaged is important to you!

That is why we offer shipping anywhere in the United States by buying directly on our website. For more information or any questions about shipping please visit our Shipping Information page.



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