White Frosted Cherry White & Green Tea

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White Frosted Cherry
  • White Frosted Cherry White & Green Tea is an infusion of Green Darjeeling and and a unique Chinese White Tea, also known as "white peony".
  • This tea is then mixed with citrus flavors to highlight its unique flavor. When brewed this drink is fruity with sour notes highlighting the cherry flavor.
  • Its easy to drink and good for kids.
  • Heat water to near boiling and let cool - 175 degrees
  • Steep for 3 - 5 minutes 
  • White Tea - China Pai Mu Tan, Green Tea Darjeeling, Jasmine Jade Pearls, Cherries, Coconut Slices, and Rosebuds
  • This blend is derived from the Chinese Pai Mu Tan White Tea or also known as Bai Mudan which literally means "white peony."
  • This unique type of white tea is made by plucking each tea shoot with two immediate young leaves to give the drink fuller flavor and greater potency than other major types of white tea.


  • 0 calories
  • Healthy alternative for those who crave sweet and sour flavors
  • MEDIUM/LOW - 25mg per 8oz

    Our packaging is a Food-Grade polymer bag
    Keeps tea fresh for over 12 months
    Comes with a zip-lock seal
    100% recyclable

    On the back of our packaging, we offer instructions on the temperature, quantity of tea, and steeping time for each type of tea to make the best cup of tea possible.

    We offer a hassle-free 60 Day Return Policy from date of purchase for new and unused condition for a full refund.

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