Teas and Their Benefits

Tea and Their Benefits - Tea has many benefits to health. Cultivated for over 4,000 years, tea has been used to help alleiviate many issues. From sleep, to digestion, to stress relief, to help with cold symptoms.

There are many types of teas and below we will go over each tea and their benefits.

Tea and Their Benefits

Hibiscus Tea - is best for high blood pressure and respiratory diseases.

White Tea - is beneficial for stress, weight loss, and detoxification.

Black Tea health benefits include treating anxiety, weightloss, and to counter headaches.

Green Tea is used to treat bloating, allergies, acne, and promote weight loss.

Chai Tea healh benefits include enhanced immune system and fights inflammation and cold symptoms.

Chamomile health benefits treat sleep problems, headaches, anxiety, and bloating.

Matcha Green Tea is highly caffeinated and such can be used to burn belly fat, boast your immune resonse, and as a detoxifier.

Ginger Tea health benefits include treating bloating, colds, upset stomachs, and sore throats.

Oolong Tea promotes weight loss and boosts metabolism.


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