Gyokuro Imperial Green Tea Health Benefits

What Is Gyokuro Imperial Green Tea?

Gyokuro Imperial Green Tea is considered the most precious and most noble of teas from Japan. Unlike most teas, this tea and their bushes are grown in the shade for 2-3 weeks before harvesting. This process makes the leaves a luscious deep dark green color and gives Gyokuro Imperial Green Tea its Health Benefits.

The unique health benefits of Gyokuro Imperial are largely due to the shading process which helps its leaves to retain its chlorophyll, which concentrates both the green tea taste and nutrients.

What are Gyokuro Imperial Green Tea Health Benefits?

Gyokuro tea is rich in antioxidants, which means that every cup of tea you drink may provide you with wonderful health benefits that will make you feel great.

Have a look at the following health benefits and find out if this is the right tea for you.

Burn Fat and Build Muscle

    • Drinking unsweetened green tea at meals or during the day may help you to lose any extra pounds you may have and still make you feel energetic and strong.

    • Green tea antioxidants, namely EGCG, speed up your metabolism, burning calories and fat much faster. Combine it with a balanced diet and exercise and you will feel it working every step of the way, improving your overall well-being.

Lower Cancer Risk

    • Again thanks to its high content of antioxidants, Gyokuro green tea is able to fight free radicals, which are responsible for the growth of tumors. Gyokuro tea will strengthen your immune system, making it able to fight harmful bacteria and reduce the risk of cancer.
  • Drink this and other green teas on a daily basis to help prevent disease and premature cell aging.
  • Here’s a tip: You can even eat Gyokuro green tea leaves, since they are so soft and tender. Try eating them with soy sauce and lemon juice. Try this and then create your own green tea recipes.

Mental Alertness

    • Green tea contains caffeine and theanine, and Gyokuro tea, due to the leaves being less exposed to sunlight than any other green tea, has a higher amount of caffeine than most.
    • However, caffeine in tea works as a healthier stimulant than caffeine in coffee, as it is released progressively throughout the day. This means it will enhance your cognition and alertness, shorten your reaction time, stimulate your heart and improve your concentration.
  • Therefore, if you are looking for an energy boost that lasts longer, without getting stressed, Gyokuro is a great coffee alternative.

Improve Heart Health

    • Do you wish to keep your heart healthy and strong? Drinking tea on a regular basis is a good way to do it.
    • Every drop of tea fills your body with minerals, nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins that reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, by lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) and regulating your blood sugars levels.
  • Always take your Gyokuro tea unsweetened and it will help lower blood pressure and protect you from dangerous toxins.

Dental Health

    • Other good news is presence of fluoride and minerals in your Gyokuro tea. As a green tea it will help clean your mouth. It will act as an antiviral agent, preventing bacterial infections, dental plaque and tooth decay.
  • Your breath will be fresher and you will have reasons to smile because a healthy mouth is the first step to a healthy digestive system.

How Do You Brew Gyokuro Imperial Green Tea?

Remember that gyokuro is considered a luxury even in Japan. You should take care to brew it properly so as to fully enjoy its flavor and aroma.

The ideal temperature of Gyokuro Imperial is between 122°F  ~ 140°F and the brewing time is 2 ~ 3 minutes. If you use a higher temperature the gyokuro will get bitter, and if don’t brew it long enough you will not enjoy its sweetness.

By following these direction, the result is a Gyokuro tea with a sweet, soft marine-like flavor and amazing fragrance. It is unlike that of any tea you have ever tasted and no tea collection would be complete without it.

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