10 Amazing Earl Grey Tea Health Benefits

What Is Earl Grey Tea?

Earl Grey Tea, a well known variety of tea famous in the western countries. Earl Grey Tea is a blended tea with a distinctive citrus flavor and aroma that it gets from oil extracted from bergamot orange. This provides the unique flavor to earl grey tea that has made it so popular in so many places. Not only is Earl Grey a delicious tea it also has some amazing health benefits.

Earl Grey Tea is mainly used for its citrus flavor in many cakes, chocolates and savory sauces. Apart from this, Earl Grey Tea has gained a lot of popularity because of its health benefits.  Earl Grey Tea contains many health benefiting compounds and is becoming even more popular as more and more people are becoming aware of its health benefits.

Earl Grey remains quite popular today, and is enjoyed by millions each year. This is not only for its unique flavor and warming nature, but also as a result of the many health benefits that it can provide. Many of these benefits are the same that you would get from black tea, but the various blends and additions to the tea can also have some unexpected effects. Now, steep a cup for yourself and read more about the impressive health benefits of Earl Grey Tea.


Health Benefits Of Earl Grey Tea

1) Boosts Energy

Love your daily dose of coffee? Many people drink coffee and tea for the caffeine content, in order to give them some extra energy, and boost their metabolism a bit along the way.

But what if we told you that a cup of tea can also double up as an energy booster without any side effects? Earl grey tea contains caffeine in safe quantities that can perk you up and keep you active through the day. It also keeps you hydrated unlike coffee which has dehydrating properties that causes essential vitamins and water soluble minerals to get flushed out of the body.

Early grey tea is no exception, and can provide a great “pick me up” in the middle of the day, but it is still mild enough to work as a relaxing beverage at the end of the night as well.

It may not have as much as a kick as coffee, but it does contain enough caffeine to give you a nice little afternoon boost without keeping you up all night.

Luckily, Earl Grey tea contains caffeine in good quantities. Caffeine in the tea is a great energy booster and provides almost instant energy to the body.

2) Prevents Cold & Flu

Although all tea can be warming and help stimulate the immune system, Earl Grey is particularly effective at preventing colds and the onset of flu. Largely this is due to the benefits of the bergamot orange in Earl Grey that has anti-viral properties. For that reason, early grey is very popular in the autumn and winter months, particularly in Europe, as it is seen as a wintry beverage.

Tea has been used as a traditional medicine to ward off cold and still practiced today as a natural cold remedy. The anti-viral compounds in earl grey tea makes you stronger from within. Bergamot’s immunity boosting qualities helps protecting our body from contracting viruses responsible for flu cold and other infections.

Viruses that attack the body are the leading contributors to cold. Earl grey tea has anti-viral properties that fight and kill the viruses that lead to common cold.  Earl grey tea is considered to be one of the best natural remedies for cold.

3) Boosts Immune System

The natural antioxidents found in black tea  and bergamot oil can prove to defend against oxidative stress in the body and improving the functions of the immune system to prevent many infections and diseases.

The antioxidants in bergamot destroy harmful free radicals which are by-products of oxygen metabolism that are toxic in nature and can induce significant damage to our system by causing ‘oxidative stress’. The antioxidants present in Earl Grey counter this stress. And help fight against infections, fever and other chronic ailments. 

4) Improves Heart Health

Black tea has long been linked to reduced triglycerides in the body, which are directly connected to heart attacks and strokes. Earl grey tea, in particular, has been involved in a number of studies and resulted in a lowering of "bad" cholestoral while also increasing the “good” cholesterol after a six week trial  of regular consumption of early grey tea. By drinking just 3 cups of day for 6 weeks, the study showed positive results. This is partly explained by the antioxidant presence in the tea, which eliminates oxidative stress and plaque buildup in the heart as well!

Another very significant benefit of bergamot is that it can bring down bad cholesterol levels. Regulated levels of cholesterol can further save your heart from plaque formation and blockages and at the same time improve blood flow. 

A study published in 2012 in Preventative Medicine found that people who drank three cups of black tea daily dramatically lowered their blood triglyceride levels and increased the ‘good cholesterol’ HDL after three months. The participants also had increased levels of antioxidants, which, as we now know, fight against free radicals that damage your cells.

Further research conducted by the University of Cantanzaro in Italy has also yielded positive results. A study of over two hundred patients with high levels of blood fats found that LDL (also know as ‘bad cholesterol) ‘bad’ cholesterol (LDL) was reduced by 39 per cent after a month of taking Earl Grey extract. It also reduced blood sugars by 22 per cent and raised ‘good’ cholesterol by 41 per cent. The reduction in blood sugar also shows that Earl Grey may be highly beneficial for those suffering with diabetes.

Earl Grey Tea contains various compounds whose consumption leads to reduced cholesterol levels in the blood stream. Earl grey tea also improves the good cholesterol and provides the body with a good quantity of antioxidants that protect against various heart diseases. The consumption of earl grey tea also helps in lowering blood sugar levels and prevents diabetes which is one of the main causes of heart diseases and heart attacks.

5) Improves Digestion

The soothing and anti-inflammatory effects of earl grey tea have long been praised by natural health practitioners. It can help to settle the stomach and lower inflammation of the abdomen.

Earl Grey Tea has been used in medicine to  aid digestion and digestion related problems. It is known to relieve constipation,, acid reflux and intestinal infections to a large extent.

6) Fights Anxiety & Stress

A warm cup of tea is one of the best remedies for a long, stressful day at work, and Earl Grey tea is particularly good for this.

While not as much caffeine as coffee, Earl Grey packs the right amount of caffeine to increase focus and clarity, without resulting in the caffeine high of coffee. Leaving you feel refreshed and centered as opposed to feeling jittery and the resulting crash later.

Earl Grey tea is preferred by many as a caffeine substitute that allows them to concentrate and tackle the problems at hand, or simply lie back and enjoy a good book before bed, with a clear, relaxed mind.

Beyond that, there is nothing better than after a long day at work, and let the natural aromatherapy of Earl Grey wash you over with its calming effects and also lifting your mood.

Where the natural ingredients of Earl Grey tea begins to relax and soothes the body almost instantly relieving you of stress while providing the same clarity and focus as coffee.


7) Prevents Cancer

Earl Grey contains high quantities of antioxidants. The antioxidants found in tea varieties are truly astounding, and they can help prevent oxidative stress in all parts of the body. Antioxidants specifically seek out free radicals, the dangerous byproducts of cellular respiration, which can cause healthy cells to mutate into cancerous cells. Regular consumption of antioxidants in your diet is highly recommended, and black tea (as well as green tea and others) provide a concentrated dose of these important compounds.

On a slightly less serious note, antioxidants also help your skin to stay healthy and looking young. Again, this is due to fighting free radicals that can damage your skin.

8) Helps in Weight Loss

While there is no alternative to regular physical activity and a healthy diet to shed those extra pounds, however earl grey tea improves your metabolism to aid in quick weight loss. Not only that, but the citrus extract of the earl grey tea is said to increase the energy consumption and regulate your metabolic processes that contribute to weight loss. 

This citrus extract can stimulate a boost in metabolism to help burn more fat quickly as well as increase your resting rate of calories burned.

9) It Keeps You Hydrated

Unlike the dehydrating properties of coffee, tea helps you stay hydrated and maintains the body’s fluid balance because of its high potassium content.

It contains a high quantity of potassium that maintains the body fluids. Potassium also keeps the body hydrated and prevents excess removal of water from the body.

10) Dental Health

Earl Grey Tea contains high levels of the antioxidant catechins that have the property of fighting oral infections.

In conclustion to our Top 10 Amazing Earl Grey Tea Health Benefits, we are showcasing a great variety of Earl Grey. This Earl Grey has a strong aroma of bergamot that gives this Earl Grey a very nice flavor. The aroma is very characteristic of Earl Greys and the bergamot is ever present.When brewed, this tea has a delightful flavor of Earl Grey. We highly recommended with milk and for added benefit use steamed milk with this tea to create a great beverage called the "London Fog".

Try our Earl Grey Bergamot

Brewing Instructions

  • Heat water to near boiling - 208 degrees
  • Steep for 5 - 6 minutes

Ingredients: Black Tea, Bergamot

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